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Lately I’ve been at a loss of where to start with these posts….I have so much to say!!

I’ve known Renee for about 5 years now I guess and I have to say when you’re around her it’s kind of refreshing…..she’a always happy, always positive, and always knows exactly what to say to make you feel good.  Thanks so much girl for choosing me to hang with you guys for the day!

You two  have to be the most laid back couple I’ve met thus far…..

I had them climbing up cliffs literally…..and they were….”stoked” about it.  I still have stinging fingers from falling and landing on a cactus!! HA!

I’m going to steal the words from one of the bridesmaids Ainslie’s speech because it sums it all up perfectly!   When two people get married it has a positive affect on everyone around them. Like someone dropping a pebble into still water, your love sends out ripples of happiness to everyone around you.  It brings joy to those who have already said “I DO”, it brings hope to those who are still looking for that special someone, and it shows the little ones what they have to look forward to when they  grow up.

Thanks for letting push the limit  a little when it comes to locations.  I wish you both nothing but happiness and I hope you get everything you’ve ever wished for!

Now on to the photos….

This bouquet has to one of my favourites….putting the feathers in there is genius!   Which BTW is a great example of how laid back she was….she told the florist “You can do whatever you want ~ I just want them to be fun”…..she didn’t know what she was getting until the day of the wedding……WOW that’s trust!  Renee you have to let me know again who did them!Can’t decide which one I like better…..colour….B&W…..

Renee - August 16, 2010 - 6:13 pm

These pictures are a prime example of why it was so easy to trust you to do your job. My family and I are absolutely stunned at the pictures you created with your wonderful and unique creativity. I cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures and I want you to know how thankful Lance and I are that you were able to photograph our wedding. You did such a beautiful job and you are fantastic to work with. I hope your hand is feeling better! Keep up the amazing work, I will cherish these pictures forever because of you sharing your gift with my new husband and I. Thank you thank you thank you!!

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