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NEW BLOG is finally here!

Ok so here it is….please take a look around.  Press buttons, add comments, contact me……I’ve already had somebody ask me how many photos are in the slideshow at the top…..13.  I’ve decided to start with only my 2009 photos to get you started… the next few weeks or maybe if you’re lucky I’ll start blogging...

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Trash the Dress of 2009~My absolute FAVOURITE types of shoots!!

These I think are the best ever shoots…..I LOVE THEM!
Jenn & Brandon~Amazing couple
Alesha & Kurtis~This session still gives me goosebumps….
Alesha’s mom came along with us and also took photos…..these are the ones she took of me!!  I LOVE THESE PICS……I wish I had more of me in ‘action’!

Jessica & Brent~These two were up for...

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The first set of photos are actually a wedding I will be doing this year so stay tuned for that…as for the rest I’m sure you have already viewed their wedding photos….I do have a feeling I’m forgetting a few people.
Jessica & Mark
Jessica & Brent
Rebecca & Florio
Roger & Cindy

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My Faves of 2009~WEDDINGS

In the last post I posted my faves family this time it’s my faves WEDDINGS.  I’ve been doing weddings for quite a few years now and unfortunately I’ve only been blogging for 1 year……so what you see here is not the ONLY weddings I’ve done….if you want to see more of my work give me...

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My Faves of 2009~Families

Please take a look at my FB page for current sessions..
These next batched photos I’m going to post in one BIG post…….I am just going to pick the few that I could find after the long story of my computer breaking down….again for those of you who have been following me you of course know...

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